Eusebio Francisco Kino

"Father Kino," as he was known, required an agreement from the Royal Audience that Indians who were converted to the Catholic faith would not be forced to have personal jobs in mines or haciendas. With this petition he was able to get the exceptional case that they were exempt for 20 years. In 1678, he arrived in the Northeast of New Spain, and began a period of colonization in an immense territory that included what are today the states of Sonora, Sinaloa, Arizona, and Alta and Baja California.

Father Kino built his missions, introduced cattle and various modern ways of cultivating. His explorations of the coasts showed that Baja California was not an island, as some people came to think. In 1700, he claimed that it was a peninsula, he informed the Society of Jesus and the Governor of Sonora. He baptized thousands of Indians and fought with hostile tribes. And for the Royal cosmography, he made important astronomical observations. The life without rest of this missionary, gave him the credit to be considered one of the builders of Mexico.

In order to obtain resources for the missions, Father Kino wrote to the visiting priest, Antonio Leal, a very long letter in which he speaks about the goodness of his land, which is very fertile, and a juicy region that had 5 missionaries with 5 priests, A lot of beans and corn, all kinds of vegetables are sown; Gardens vegetables and trees, as in Europe. There are vineyards for the wine of Castile for the masses of the church, there are water mills, lands and roads, precious valleys, plains, abundant grass and good wood for factories and mineral lands.

In these new nations, almost all the Indians are: workers, obedient, affable, and very friendly, and in some remote parts there are some barbarians and ignorant because they have not seen a peaceful person in all their lives. The temperature of these lands starting at 30 degrees is similar to that of Mexico City and the best climate in Europe, without excessive heat or cold. With these conditions and new conversions, trade by land and sea will be possible along with other nearby lands and remote provinces.